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Xennon's New Album Dream Utopia Coming November 26

Artist and Producer XENNON will shortly be returning with his upcoming third concept album on the 26th of November, which is heavily inspired by the sci-fi alien movies of the 80s, and retro RPG games such as Final Fantasy.

‘Dream Utopia’ will take the listener on an epic journey through a post-apocalyptic America, and an invasion that will change the world as we know it. XENNON is continuing his trademark style of albums here with a fully realized world and story, following on from his debut MIAMI COP, and last year’s ‘Dark of a Distant World’ released on Timeslave Recordings, however this time around the album is completely instrumental and tell the story through the music as opposed to lyrics.

XENNON is a Producer from the U.K who up until recently was based in Tokyo, Japan, where a lot of his inspirations stem from. He is heavily influenced by the synthesizers and sounds of the 80s and has aimed to deliver something that not only takes us back to that time, but also mixes it with a modern and contemporary sound that can appeal to a wider audience.

XENNON also curates the Spotify playlist “Synthwave Sounds” which has gained a lot of popularity within the Synthwave scene and has allowed many artists to be recognized, including himself. The playlist has recently gained 54,000 followers and can be viewed here on Spotify.

“Dream Utopia” can be presaved using this link: