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Woves Chaos Mesa This Friday 12-10-2021

Riding on a dark wave from both coasts, Woves emits a blacklight from between the shadowy folds of the alt scene.

Woves releases their debut album on Retro Reverb Records. Available on cassette.

Release: This is a story of love and gentrification. One of the lovers is angry about watching their city change and memories disappear. The other lover is trying to help them with the changes. Flesh and Bone/Midnight Dancing: Young love. Young lust. Breaking away from everyone to be alone together at night. So Used to Heartbreak: "The singer is so used to being heartbroken, that feeling of wanting to die every time, that they might as well die in the person's arms while it happens again," writes Ricchio. "Or, the singer is telling their lover that they're trapped by ghosts of love past and can't show up for what's in front of them now," replies Zuzik.

Let Go: This is that feeling when you read something that inspires you--be it a God, goddess, ancient writing, string of coincidences and you decide to follow the message. You don't lead with your head. Something Sweet: It's a hot and humid evening on a subway platform in Brooklyn, NY. Actually, the location I had in mind was the 4th Ave-9th St stop that stands high over the streets. There's a great view of lower Manhattan. It's that crazy atmosphere before a large thunderstorm and you catch a stranger's eye. There's a bliss in surrender to the weather, the break in the heat, a possible love connection. Upside Down: Vexed by past mistakes and struggling with reliving them over and over. The chorus takes an outsider view on a lover struggling with this dilemma. The verses are the person struggling and trying to either hide it or move past it. 1 am: Here is the story of when your crazy ex calls in the middle of the night and you have finally learned not to pick up. It brings up all the good and bad and messed up shit you have been through a million times thinking it will be different. But it's the start of a new direction. The Kill: Someone is battling demons and getting very messy with it. And the singer is watching them do it from the outside. She gets it and she also sees that the person battling is also not really interested in a solution. They just like the drama of the battle. Nova: I wrote this after watching a documentary on Brian Eno and thought about what it might be like if I were there and met him in the beginning, as a groupie or potential love interest. Seeing how he moved behind the scenes of Ferry and Bowie and yet always made each of them bigger than on their own. The Lone: Sometimes people move to the beat of their own drum. They need to. They don't fit in anywhere else. It's a lonesome path much of the time, but necessary.

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Listen to "Release" by clicking below.