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Why Do We Dance Official Music Video by Electric Sol

Electric Sol just released a new music video for their single "Why Do We Dance" on YouTube.

They have been coming out with a lot of cool videos for their music for years now. This one is another creative and fun video for a really cool track they came out with recently.

From Electric Sol:

When Why Do We Dance first came out, we hired an enterprising and talented young man from Nigeria to dance to it for a 59-second social media clip. He did such a great job that we asked him to shoot a whole video with some of his friends. We had no idea what we'd get back, but the footage he provided was pretty amazing and quite powerful.

We hope you enjoy the video and can help support the incredible dancers of Anambra State by following @_unleashdabeast on Instagram.

Stream the song on Spotify:

Spotify – Why Do We Dance - song by Electric Sol