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VVMPYRE & Quelle Horreur - Afterlife

VVMPYRE takes a twisted turn with his follow up single, "Afterlife"!

The second single for "Music from the Afterlife City Club" brings Scottish Synthwave duo Quelle Horreur on vocals for another dancefloor nightmare. The track twists a set of odd choir samples with a minimalist arrangement, focusing solely on a quick drum beat, a haunting set of organ chords, and a rapid bassline that fills the room.

Quelle Horreur match this with an airy set of vocals, with lead singer Ash's verses filling the menacing air, and Paul's backing vocals in the chorus breathing life into the verse's temptations, or perhaps in this case breathing death. The end result is another floor-filling single that displays the ever-evolving sound of both parties, and begins to further outline VVMPYRE's vampyric nightmares to come!

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