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The Unofficial Bandcamp Friday - June 2022

Bandcamp Friday is a time when musicians are able to get a 100% commission on profits made though the sale of their music and items they sell. This happened on every first Friday every month which started during 2020.

There were some other Fridays that weren't recognized as a Bandcamp Friday and such is the case in June 2022. I still made the thread on my Twitter profile page and name it the 'Unofficial' Bandcamp Friday so artists could post their Bandcamp links so others can check out what they have.

I have found a lot of awesome music by doing this and will continue doing this on every first Friday of the new month. This is a way for musicians can shamelessly promote their music as well as a way for me to find new artists that I can feature on this website.

Take a look here at the most recent thread and you will see many indie musicians in rock, pop and electronica as well as music labels from around the world.

What should I name next month's Friday thread if Bandcamp no longer has these? Let me know on social media or leave a comment below.

I think Bandcamp has plans to bring it back but in the meantime let's have some fun.

Thank you for reading this article and checking out the thread. Be sure to also check out my YouTube channel for must see music TV!

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