The Un-Official Bandcamp Friday Thread

Updated: Jan 8

From 2020 to 2021, Bandcamp Friday took over the first Friday of every month. I'm not sure if it was every month continuously but a lot of artists and fans heard of it if they bought music off of the website and app.

This created a lot of communities in the music scene and also brought together a lot of different people from around the world.

The Bandcamp website mentions that they would waive fees for musicians on this day and all profits would go to the artist. I wasn't just purchasing music on these days because it is also good to support the people that made this happen.

I've mentioned a few weeks ago that I would like to continue this through the website here and on my social accounts through Twitter and Instagram. Here you will notice a thread from Twitter with many unique artists and sounds from many different genres.

My question is, if Bandcamp doesn't have another BC Friday, what could I name this day to continue it and promote the awesome music from so many great musicians? Leave a comment below, DM me on Twitter or IG. I've come up with some names to replace "Bandcamp Friday" but will like to also hear your suggestions. At the end of this weekend, I'll tally them up and have a vote on Twitter for the new name.

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