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The Kaarin Zoe Lee Interview by Kal-Elle Jagger

Flipping Tables with Kal-Elle Jagger:

The Kaarin Zoe Lee Interview

Welcome to my little corner in the metaverse, just west of Pop Art Ave and Lois Lane. The spot where we flip the script, turning the table on the personalities who usually find themselves at the forefront of a Q&A.

My second guest at the neon table has a voice that evokes the nostalgic tones of our youth and recollections of the disc jockeys from radio-days-past. Welcome to the table, Kaarin Zoe Lee.

Kal-Elle Jagger

You are my second guest on Flipping Tables. Might you also be my second Canadian?

Kaarin Zoe Lee

Actually, I'm American! I'm from Seattle.


Why on earth did I think you were Canadian all this time? I will ask my next question as planned initially, even though I expected a Canadian response. What makes your hometown or city famous?