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The Beat On The Street Episode 7 Premiering April 23

Watch some of the best music videos in the many genres of electronic music from synthwave to electro pop, retrowave, cyberpunk, dark synth and much more. Episode 7 of the Beat On The Street features a weekly artist interview. This week I chat with Melotika who currently has a new single out called Digital Dreams.

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Time stamp:

:56 Afterburner by Chris Keya

3:56 Spaceship Earth by The Keplerians

7:49 Artist Spotlight promo Eva X

8:37 Twisted For You by Red Industrie

11:42 Progess Spaceman 1981 Remix by James Peden

16:32 Bunny X Pop Art Ave Video Promo

17:09 Retro Reverb Records Promo

18:10 Electronica by Maxx Silver

22:14 Human Like You by Adnama

26:24 Aztec Records Promo

28:22 The 4th Sector Promo

29:14 Free by Panjoma

35:47 Melotika Interview

46:01 Digital Dreams by Melotika


Chris Keya


Eva X

Red Industrie