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SynthPrincipal is back With “Lost World”

SynthPrincipal consists of one main artist Daniel (Producer), taking influences from the likes of Dance With The Dead With a sprinkle of Scandroid (AKA Klayton) then a dash of Tears For Fears, finally the cherry on top, Jean Michel Jarre.

SynthPrincipal ties all these sounds together to create a unique blend of Electronic, Synthwave and Synthpop styles, that is SynthPrincipal’s sound.

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SynthPrincipal has an upcoming album, a blend of Darksynth and EDM with a hint of 80s Pop music. Based in a shattered Sol system with many factions who fight for control. This album has received constant support on Soundcloud and YouTube where you can find the music videos depicting this broken world.

After making their debut release “Traveler” SynthPrincipal has evolved constantly creating that unique sound that has received constant support. Regular releases of tracks and dedication to their music has allowed SynthPrincipal to grow a dedicated fan base.

Here is the pre-save link for: Lost World (

The story for “Lost World”: World leaders have failed to fight global warming putting money above everything but it didn't keep them afloat... The polar caps have melted, a great flood has started, is this it for humanity?

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