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Spaceship Earth EP by THE KEPLERIANS Out Now - News & Music Video

Electronic dance collective The Keplerians take a trip on 'Spaceship Earth'. New EP out now! FOR FANS OF: Daft Punk, Chromeo, David Guetta, Modjo, Woodkid, The Weeknd, Guru Josh FCC clean

Photos by MADStudios

High-vibing EDM / dance pop outfit The Keplerians will be releasing their new 'Spaceship Earth' EP on March 25 via Portuguese label Blim Records. A futuristic ride into cosmic dance territory, this high-energy three-track offering is supercharged with punch, positivity and a sense of adventure. The title track presents its first taste.

The Keplerians are RR 14-775 and RF 14-703, whose technology has allowed them to perform, produce and mix their own EP from their mothercraft in Lisbon, Portugal. The visitors also present another gift to Earthlings - the'Casa' livestream, broadcast from their mothership, on which they channel stellar goodness from their recently released 'Casa' EP.