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Slow Burn by Jonny Fallout Official Music Video

Here is the official music video for "Slow Burn" from Jonny Fallout!

"Slow Burn" is a dreamy '80s retrowave ballad for the dance floor, from Jonny Fallout's debut album, "Cybertherial".

"Cybertherial" is a cyberpunk romance — nine songs about longing, loving, losing yourself and finding your way in a confusing and chaotic futuristic world mediated by zeros and ones.

When you're immersed in the dark, unsure of what's true and what isn't, how can love survive?

Slow Burn Written, produced, and mixed by Jonny Fallout

Music | Jonny Fallout (

Mastered by XENNON at XENNON Studios

XENNON Studios – Professional Mixing and Mastering

Video Footage by Mikhail Nilov

Mikhail Nilov · Photography (

3D Rendering by Space Space

Space Space · Photography (

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