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Signal Loss by Game Genie Sokolov - EP Review

I had heard the name Game Genie Sokolov mentioned for the last few weeks, and also recall I heard a track here and there.

I do see now it has turned out to be a very pleasant surprise, Michael giving me the review of her newest EP Signal Loss (thanks so much Michael).

Everything from the awesome pixelated cover art to the nostalgically rich FM synth sounds strike a very awesome chord with me.

The first track ushers in a colorful and warm anticipation about the story that is about to unfold. What's in store are some of the best and grooviest jams to pay honor to VGM, Synths, Vapourwave, and Synthwave; This album really is an intricate masterwork and homage to those days of SEGA and nights when the air is filled with music. It maintains a very vibrant, cohesive, and groovy listen throughout its eclectic journey. The music is a passionate display of moments and feelings.

The percussion and jams with the bass make and rhythm are what I enjoy the most. Every track is very danceable or good music to cruise to, and I've even found myself

putting it on in the background while undertaking various work, and it really helps me maintain focus.

In my gut, I know that when I hear a song a few times, and then later throughout the day still come back to it in my mind, I have discovered something really golden, and I found this entire record is packed with tunes just like this.

If you're a fan of gaming, hard beats, and dancing, surely, you're going to appreciate this EP as much as I do. The technical aspects of this album with the arrangements, the mixing, the mastering, and how the tracks flow together, I really have no critique whatsoever to add.

This is truly a master work of VGM music, and the technical ability heard and displayed is really refreshing. I don't want to pick a favorite track, track 02 Dream I will admit a stronger leaning toward for a favorite, with its melody, feel, awesome mod wheel effected shifts with the synths that sail away smoothly over the rhythm. Every track is certainly on the same level, it's a high caliber level.

I would like to encourage everyone to give this album a couple of spins, and also dig deeper into her previous works. I was greatly surprised at the eclectic sounds throughout all of her music, and how it showcases appreciation for hip hop, rap, and other unexpected music fusions. Game Genie Sokolov is one of the most innovative artists I've had the honor of discovering.

I do expect an outstanding reception of this album from her fanbase, and even more so I hope this sets a new milestone to bring new listeners to the collective.

This is an album that reminds me of the very reasons why I love making music, listening to music, and overall choose to make that love of music a large part of my everyday life. I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I do.

Check out Signal Loss by Game Genie Sokolov on Bandcamp below.