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Sideshow: VVMPYRE’s Rapid Fire Reviews

It’s very evident that over time with these reviews, I will probably find records that I really like, but I won’t have enough to say or just won’t have the time to cover. It could be a single I really like, it could be a short EP, it could even be an album that I want to put my two cents on but can’t find enough words to fill a whole review to my standard, maybe Fox covered it and I have a different opinion.

My aim is for every month (Don’t hold this to me) to have this rapid fire review series where I cover these type of releases, and cover each release here in a paragraph or less. The final quarter of 2021 has been particularly friendly, so we got a lot of quality ground. I don’t how many of these I will normally do, but since this is our first, we’re going to do quite a few this time around, starting off with:

Thought Beings - Strange Matter:

Yeah, New Wave is cool, but do you remember when it was super dark in the early 80’s? Thought Beings taps into that for one of this year’s best singles, and that is just the start of this stunning EP. “Alone Again” is a beautiful Cure-esque ballad, and “New Flesh” taps into the same “dark dance” energy Fluid Ghost brings. Be dressed in black and ready to dance!


Best: “Strange Matter”

Worst: NO

Ruin of Romantics - Velvet Dawn:

I like Blue Sick. I mean, I really like Blue Sick. Honestly, I wanted to do this review to lay down my comments on Pertubator, but I could not make it through this enough to do a full review.


Best: “Blue Sick”

Worst: “Helena”

Kofin - Neo-Coven:

It’s in your face, it’s in your computer, and it’s in your ears at maximum volume. At least I’m sure that’s how Kofin wants you to hear this. I obliged. Mix could be slightly cleaner, but sometimes you will just turn that part of you off that thinks about these things.


Best: “Hex Code”, “God Machine”, “Cybernetic Ritual”

Worst: “Mother Night”

MORIS BLAK - Candyman:

This is indeed a Candyman-theme Industrial Bass banger from MORIS BLAK, and it comes with an addition mix. That really says it all. MORIS BLAK is one of the best at what he does, so let this just be only a single preview of the large consistent output of work one must check out from him.


VH x RR - Shattered Bones:

If I had to make the best case for the maxi single, it would be diving into VH X RR’s catalog, especially this single. The original is a nice taste of the darker edge of Synthpop with the wisdom of a man who has seen many a-year. Every single remix takes its own way to carefully craft its own interpretation with their own paintbrushes. It is beautiful to see a release this consistent, as it rarely occurs.


Best: “Shattered Bones (Mesh Mix)”, “Shattered Bones (Fused Remix)”

Worst: NO

Kemikziel - Night Draws High:

Perhaps one of my lesser known preferences until recently has been Gameboy Chiptune. Kemikziel has been doing it quite well for a minute now, and this may be among her finest hours. I do kinda wish this was a few less tracks so it was easier to recommend, but only cause this is quite enjoyable.


Best: “Ectoplasmic Fantastic”, “Darkwind”, “Tendons”, “Shadow Steppin’”