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She's Got Claws Interview - 9 Lives Album Out Now

She's Got Claws, Micci and Chris, have released a new allbum, '9 Lives' in November 2022 which you can find on Spotify, Apple, Deezer, Tidal and on other platforms.

In past releases, Micci has combined an awesome blend of multiple genres of music to make her own sound while providing stellar vocals. When I started this website, I was excited to include She's Got Claws as a featured artist here as I quickly became a fan of her music.

Read on for an exclusive interview with Micci and Chris of She's Got Claws!

I’ve been following your music for almost 2 years now and have been loving your

releases within that time as well as your previously released albums. What was the

creative process like behind this new remix album?


Aw thank you, it’s so lovely to know that you love the album releases and the EP,

your support is truly appreciated. For a good year I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a remix album. Remixes are something which I haven’t done for many years, so I didn’t know if I could do any of the SGC songs any justice, with being so close to them.

The process of writing this album went like this; I uploaded the original song, Utopia for

example, and listened to the feel and beats. For a long time, I believed that Chris could

write a bass riff for this song, because it doesn’t have one, just like the other tracks on

Synthetic Emotion EP. There is a bass synth to basically underpin each song, because

bass riffs weren’t a big factor at the time when writing the Synthetic Emotion EP.

Anyway, I called up a different sounding drum kit and began to play a different rhythm to

give Chris the inspiration to write a bass riff. I adjusted the tempo until Chris was happy

with the feel. Then the process of adding new strings alongside the base riff began. For

the Utopia Remix (Ride With me) I didn’t re-record my vocals, but for many of the others

on 9 Lives I re-sang the vocals and added new verses, Solitary Bound has a new vocal

line for the intro.

So, it’s often beats and bass first, then I see if any of the original parts fit, if not then I will

write something new. Each song is not just a remix, they are reimagined into new songs.

Let’s take a trip back to when you first started the She’s Got Claws band. What

kind of music were you making before and how did you come to this project?


When SGC began, I was feeling around for a signature sound. The Debut album,

self-titled She’s Got Claws, is quite embryonic in areas and needed more development in my opinion, compared to the 3rd album, Doppelgänger, where you can hear a definite musical direction. So, with the 9 Lives album, it was a great opportunity to build upon