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Running To You by Anniee featuring Midnight Hi-Fi

A new single from Anniee just came out on August 12 called Running To You featuring Midnight Hi-Fi.

First, let me just say, I have quickly become a fan of Anniee and her music. I heard her previous track (Lonely Wolves) and purchased it instantly on Bandcamp. When this new track came out, I did the same thing.

Her strong vocals and creative lyrics create an adventurous movie in my mind. That might sound weird but read this verse from Lonely Wolves; “We’re driving down a highway in the clouds, we’ve got our music turned up way too loud when we finally hit the ground and we take a look around we’re alone.”

And this is how Running To You starts; “it’s aimless chasing you, you’re the one that I can’t seem to catch. You’re the dead-end that I won’t end, heaven knows why I keep running to you.”

Lyrics like this, combined with strong vocals and an unforgettable rhythm, are just some reasons why I’m enjoying this new song.

Go and listen to it and let me know what you think. You can use Bandcamp which lets you play the song in full to see how you like it. Also, below is Anniee's link to her page right here on the website to see more of her pictures and songs.