Prominent Remixer Martin Waslewski Takes On MARIA Die RUHE’s ‘Rejection’

Rising avant-tech-pop producer MARIA Die RUHE will be releasing the Martin Waslewski remix for her well-known single, ‘Rejection’ on the 21st of April via Reduced To The Root.

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MARIA Die RUHE - Rejection (Martin Waslewski Remix) (

The remix follows the release of her previous singles, ‘Superrare’ which was accompanied by an extravagant video and ‘Skin’ which was accompanied by a stop-motion video.

Martin Waslewski has previously remixed the well-known producers Claptone and Nora En Pure as well as having his own work remixed by Purple Disco Machine. The producer has previously been supported by Magnetic Magazine, Mixmag and Rave Jungle to name a few with just under 10 million plays across streaming platforms.

MARIA Die RUHE has previously been supported by CLASH Magazine, Glamglare, Metal Magazine, and Notion Magazine as well as trndmsk with just under 6.5 million plays on Spotify alone, with the number rising by the day. The singer is from Thuringia, Germany previously lived in both Berlin, San Francisco, as well as London and is now based in Leipzig, Germany once more. With her love for travel, MARIA Die RUHE has performed on several different stages across Europe, including Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, and Turkey, each time bringing new energy to her set.

Martin Waslewski transforms MARIA Die RUHE’s work one resounding electronic beat at a time as we’re introduced to a blending of futuristic and ethereal sounds. Rolling basslines carry whispered and soaring vocals as we’re transported to a new plane of existence. The remix can be compared to the well-known works of Camelphat, Amelie Lens and Alan Fitzpatrick. ‘Rejection’ never sounded quite as good as it does now.

Speaking of the remix, Martin Waslewski tells us: “The final breakthrough for the idea of the remix came to me during my vacation in Italy. I was in Pittelli, near La Spezia. After a day on the beach and two or three Aperol Spritz I sat on our terrace in the vacation home and had the brilliant idea.”

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MARIA Die RUHE - Rejection (Martin Waslewski Remix) (

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