Postcard - Eleonora (Official Music Video)

Born and raised in Argentina, singer songwriter Eleonora decided by 2019 that it was time to burn bridges and gain some perspective. She bought a one-way flight to China and was rewarded for such bold decision with three months of normalcy before COVID 19 pandemic.

Overwhelmed by self-reflection, she bought herself a BT1 Baby Taylor and put all those emotions in song format.

None of her gospel, soul and r&b influences stayed in the Western Hemisphere: they traveled with her all the way. And so she found herself singing along to Stevie Wonder, James Ingram and Michael Jackson while biking Beijing.

No time for regrets. No chance of going back home. Only endless flows of creativity to cope with isolation.

By 2020, Eleonora moved to Thailand and started recording her ideas. "Postcard" was the first song she finished and it's her upcoming release. A smooth groove with funky guitars and pop synths that mingle with lyrical sarcasm and occasional raspiness.

And so another trip begins. Eleonora is hosting an inspired journey that will have everyone dancing both sides of the Meridian.

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