PAINSYNC by Virtual Intelligence - Visual Kei - Cyberpunk

Virtual Intelligence is a Neo-Darkwave project infused with nuances of visual kei, industrial goth, coldwave, and symphonic black metal. Since 2012, Virtual Intelligence has been fighting the future in the name space vampires, neuromancers, sexy androids, and soul hackers.

Spread the word. CYBERPUNK — is NOW.

Check out this album. I've been listening to it and it has some awesome vocals as well as great flow on all 7 tracks! Available on Bandcamp. - Michael Anthony

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Virtual Intelligence is a project by Nikoletta Winters and you can listen or purchase on Bandcamp by clicking above. We had a great conversation about her music that will be coming up on the next episode of "The Beat On The Street." Epsiode 2 coming soon.

Follow Nicoletta on Twitter here: Virtual Intelligence (@GothicElectric) / Twitter

Listen to more of her music on Bandcamp here: Music | Virtual Intelligence (

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