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On The Shoulders of Giants by VH x RR - New EP

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Pre-order of On The Shoulders of Giants. You get 4 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.

From their Bandcamp page:

Ideas do not exist in a vacuum. They are the result of, and informed by, the past. Previous discoveries lead to new discoveries. Like the full moon, ideas from the past guide us in darkness towards the future. As the final EP of the Cosmos Trilogy, On the Shoulders of Giants takes its name from the Stephen Hawking book that celebrates the history of physics and astronomy. Just as scientists and explorers build upon past discoveries, VH x RR (Von Hertzog and Rob Rowe) have expanded the themes and explorations of the two previous EPs to create six new songs that illuminate a world of chaos and beauty. The EP’s opening track “Shattered Bones,” is a dark downtempo exploration of social breakdown and the fragility of existence in an indifferent universe. “Slipped” further explores the theme of loss first introduced in the title track of “A Sky Full of Ghosts.” Inspired by one night on a Thailand beach, “Heavenly Outline” is an uptempo celebration of taking chances, pushing through fears, and being rewarded with something of unforgettable beauty. “The Undertow” and “The Fray” explore the chaos of the modern world, the search for direction and the healing powers of light and love. Hertzog says, “I see ‘The Undertow’ and ‘The Fray’ as a sort of yin and yang. I tried to use sonic textures for each that helped lend itself to the subject matter. Where ‘The Undertow’ is meant to sound more submerged and buried, as you fight against it, ‘The Fray’ is meant to sound pristine and above everything else. Clarity was of utmost importance for that track as I wanted it to sound like it’s floating, almost holographic. Together they work like two sides of the same coin.” The EP closes with the heartbreakingly beautiful track “Don’t Let Go” and offers the listener something to hold on to in darker times. Rowe says, “Once I had Von’s stems, the song practically wrote itself in just a couple of hours. With so many of the songs on the EPs being about some pretty heavy stuff, we thought the hopeful nature of ‘Don’t Let Go’ was the perfect way to end the trilogy.” With the release of On the Shoulders of Giants, VH x RR have completed a trilogy that has explored the far reaches of the universe and the depths of human existence. Fans of their previous work, or any lovers of all things synth, will love this EP. Coinciding with the full moon, On the Shoulders of Giants is available August 11th from and hits all major digital stores and streaming services on September 10th.


releases September 10, 2022 All music written, produced, and performed by Von Hertzog and Rob Rowe All songs mixed and mastered in analog by Von Hertzog at The Social Club

Listen on Bandcamp below: