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On The Road Again by Tryad

TRYAD Three Bristol based producers collaborating one project. Three brothers originally from Sicily and a great find for this Sicilian based label.

The ideas, inspiration and sound come from the musical vision and themes inspired by retrofuturism, or “melancholy of the future."

Neon lights, synthesizers and dystopian visions create the band's sound which can convey firm beliefs, reflections on the world, history or romance. A version 2.0 band, where electronic sound is combined with vocal harmony and traditional instruments. The mix of synthesizers, drum machines, vocals, guitar, bass guitar and live sequencing gives life to Tryad's musical exploration with the goal of transporting the audience inside their own world, questioning and guessing it. 'On The Road Again' Captures the sounds of 90's alternative mixed with 80's and Modern synth sounds, Tryad have created a tune that combines their sense of musical experiments, catchy hooks, a droney power march and a Easter egg for their friends who love Italian pop (we dare you to find it). The 8-bit arcade music video has been created by Vincenzo Sandonato a.k.a Bambosh, one of the three boys. Set in a post apocalyptic nightmare and in a videogame. The visuals are stunning and will bring a bittersweet sense of nostalgia to those that have played older arcade style games. With a few celebrity cameos too (or rather their Video game alter egos), think you can name them all?