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News About Pop Art

On Friday the 13th in August of 2021, Pop Art Ave went live after a few months of me creating designs, videos and profile pages for it. I want to thank all of the musicians that I spoke with and asked to be featured on here at launch. I didn't give too many details besides that I was making it so I am thankful for your trust in that process.

At launch, I made a music video on YouTube which was an ode to MTV and their beginning 40 years ago in August of 1981. They debuted as a 24 hour music channel on cable TV. Their first words when live was "Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll," which was spoken by John Lack, who was MTV's first CEO. With my video I wanted to bring the past, present and future together to show the evolution in music.

MTV has had a huge influence on me throughout my life and I'm sure many others as well. Who remembers their world premiere music videos and their "reality" shows, Beavis and Butt-Head, The Real World, Aeon Flux, The Grind, Remote Control? I can go on and on.

It has been a fun time connecting with all of the artists, record labels and promoters that I have spoken with. I am extremely thankful for the feedback I have received from everyone including musicians, artists, writers, fans, followers and music lovers.

There are a lot of ideas and plans for 2022 and I will be making this website and experience better for everyone. I'm not going to mention in detail what the plans are, but it will be fun and I hope everyone will stay tuned. I love the element of surprise and rarely give any leaks.

One thing I will say is you can expect the "New Releases" page to be updated da