New Single By Mondmann 'Reality' Out August 4

After the very well received album Beyond in 2021 and the stunning collaboration with Newyorkes Bunny X in ‘Strangers Again’, German producer extraordinaire Mondmann (aka Sven Mieke) delights us with his darker, yet infectious new single called Reality.

Reality is about drug-induced escapism, the thin line between dreams and reality and falling in love with a girl (or the idea of the ideal girl).

The song is partially inspired by the anxiety of becoming unemployed and the need of escapism. The lyrics were initially generated with the help of AI but eventually reworked by Sven himself.

This is the first time Mondmann lends his vocal talents to this extent to his music and the results are there for everyone to hear. This process wasn’t easy since singing didn’t come naturally to Sven but everyone can agree that the treatment and manipulation made by the producer ended up with a haunting and very fitting vocal line.

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