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The Beat On The Street - New Electronic Music Video Series #theBOTS

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

In August of 2021 I started this website because I wanted to promote the awesome creations of the musicians I had connecting with on social media between 2020 and 2021. I honestly never thought how it would be viewed by everyone and just created it one page at a time to celebrate my love for electronic music and its many genres.

Every month I kept trying to evolve the site one small step at a time while having fun doing it. I combined a lot of visuals of what I like and made in visual & digital art with the music of many musicians which eventually led to me creating gifs and videos.

In November and December, I thought that for 2022 I wanted to take another leap forward and make videos highlighting the music that I was enjoying. I made some music videos as well as music mix videos with new releases and also enjoyed the process.

Many ideas still flowed in my mind and I wanted to also create a new video series where I could interview artists, show their music videos, do a top track countdown and also include more surprises. This is where I introduce you to "The Beat on the Street."

I have to admit doing all of these things for the video series has taken up a lot of my time because I am the only one here doing this for the website and videos. While it has been overwhelming, I still have big plans for the series and can't wait for everyone to see the first episode premiering Saturday March 12.

For the first episode there will be music videos, interviews and cameos. In episode 2, I will be doing a music countdown based on some of my favorite tracks that have recently come out while also including more interviews. For episode 3, I will combine what the original plan was for each show which will be interviews, cameos, music countdowns, and music videos. Going forward each show will have the same format as the third episode.

I want to make this fun and enjoyable for everyone to watch as well as highlight some of my favorite musicians in the indie community as well as the record labels I have been connecting with. A big thank you to Cole from Retro Reverb Records for your support and input with everything.

Retro Reverb Records will be premiering this video earlier than I am for all of Europe and other time zones to see. Here is the link to RRR YouTube channel where you can view the video:

My YouTube channel will premiere it on Saturday night at 9:30pm which I may keep for every release. After the premiere the video will always be able to view at any time and I will create a page for it right here on the site. My YouTube link is here

If you ever want to come on the show please feel free to contact me here through the website at the Contact page under the "More" tab or email me at

Thank you to everyone I have been connecting with during this time as it has been a truly memorable experience and one that I hope we all can enjoy! This is all about collaboration and not about competition.