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New Album "Memory Tapes" by Popcorn Kid releases this Friday December 17, 2021

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Popcorn Kid’s latest release, Memory Tapes, featuring Noxigen, Sarah Lanigan and LAU, is a 10-track album capturing the vogue of the 1980s. Heavily inspired by the platinum award-winning game GTA Vice City, the album portrays the episodes of love, betrayal, murder, and tranquility.

The album takes a trip into an era of nostalgia and madness with its crisp vocals, blazing guitars, huge drums, and soulful synths. Memory Tapes is Popcorn Kid’s most ambitious release yet.

Collaborating with Sarah, LAU, and Noxigen is exactly what was needed to make this nostalgic dream a reality.

Press play and let your memory…. tapes rewind.

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1. Memory Tapes (Intro)

2. Familiar Stranger (Ft. Sarah Kneeland)

3. We Gave It A Try (ft. LAU)

4. Cité Du Vice (Ft. Noxigen)

5. 80s Crush (Ft. Sarah Kneeland)

6. Starfish Killer (Ft. Noxigen)

7. Free Forever (Ft. LAU)

8. Moment In Time (Ft. Noxigen)

9. Freedom (Ft. Noxigen)

10. Lady, Lady, Lady (Popcorn Kid Cover Ft. Noxigen)

Genre: Synthwave / Synthpop