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New Album By Retro Reverb Records To Support Mental Health

This album is available on Digital, CD & cassette featuring 38 tracks by artists in the scene.

Released on May 19, this a charity album featuring 38 artists from across the synthwave scene. The album is raising money for The Mental Health Foundation.

Purchase link-

The following has been taken from their Bandcamp page:

This album is dedicated to anyone feeling lost or alone, finding the chaos almost unbearable. We decided to support mental health because both we, Cole and Al, and several of our artists have been affected by mental health issues. Cole and Al were both affected by their mothers’ struggles with their mental health. My role as owner brings me into contact with more people than I could ever have imagined, and I’ve come to realise just how many people out there are affected by this. A special shout goes out to Elixernine , one of the most creative people I know who suffers greatly. May the light of this album help to lead you on your path!

Track List:

  1. Timecop1983 - 1 Moments-in-Time (Original Mix)

  2. HoneyBeard - 2 HoneyBeard Lighthouse (Original Mix)

  3. All The Damn Vampires - 3 Smoking-In-The-Droids-Room (Original Mix)

  4. Kosmic-Kiss - 4 Til I Die (Original Mix)

  5. Daniel Hugh - 5 Any Excuse (Original Mix)

  6. The Subtheory - 6 We begin to dream (Original Mix)

  7. Your Friend Esteves - 7 This Time (Original Mix)

  8. VVMPYRE Ft. Elevate the Sky Liebchen - 8 .He Will Always Be (Original Mix)

  9. WOVES (Alex Vecchietti remix) - 9 1am (Alex Vecchetti remix)

  10. Vincenzo Salvia feat. Konstanza - 10. Dangerous Mind (Original Mix)

  11. Marc Matthews - 11. You and I (Original Mix)

  12. MAD MODEM - 12 Universal (Original Mix)

  13. Alex Vecchietti - 13 Blessed (Original Mix)

  14. Elevate The Sky feat. Oceanside85 - 14 Moving in The Shadows (Original Mix)

  15. Coleurs - 15 This Life (Original Mix)

  16. ElxAr - 16 Cyber Bagpipes (Original Mix)

  17. Falco Fury - 17 Candy (Original Mix)

  18. Le Groupe Fantastique - 18 Criminal Records (Original Mix)

  19. Liquid Modern - 19 Walkin Feet (Original Mix)

  20. Jonny Fallout - 20 Hypnotized (Cybertherial)

  21. NINA - 21 Berlin (Original Mix)

  22. Eden Future - 22 Danger Driver (Original Mix)