My Top 50 Artists of 2021

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

First and foremost, I want to say that this list is part of my personal collection that I have been listening to on Bandcamp and iTunes. I didn't have a chance to listen to everything that came out this year. This year I started listening to more genres of electronic music including synthwave, electro pop, cyberpunk, outun and many more.

The artists I have in my top 50 are ones that released music in 2021 and that I have listened to multiple times. I could have easily included every artist on this website and called it a day, but I wanted to make something fun because there was a lot of awesome music that came out this year.

This is not a competition and is only for fun. There is a lot of music I still want to listen to that I haven't yet. The list is in no particular order, and you can click on any of the pictures to see more information on the Bandcamp or iTunes page.

Ok. Enough chatter let's get it started.

1- PurZynth Rekords has many artists I can put on this list, but I wouldn't be able to keep it at 50. "Messages" started my year off right in music which was jammed with awesomeness starting with "Moving In The Shadows" by Elevate The Sky & Oceanside 85 on the first track. Check out Toxxic Project, Spaceman 1981, Sinuhe Navarrete, Red Industrie, Bling Cobra and more from this label.

2- Czarina has been releasing one hit after another in 2021 and also paired them with films. "Atomic: Ad Initivm" started it off in March followed by "Wonderland" and "Medusa." Her new album will be coming out in 2022.

3- Starfarer released Multiverse which included a combination of multiple artists and their remixes of his music. He also hosted the Synth Valley Twitch stream which featured many musicians doing online performances. Don't forget his own online show which was exciting from start to finish. Plus, The Dark album just came out in October.

4- He's got a French martini in a long stem glass. I loved when I first heard this line on "Page Me." Alpha Chrome Yayo released this album on May 7, 2021, and it was a memorable moment hearing "Oh shit, it's ACY!" More music followed and you have to see what he released in 2020 as well.

5- Melotika released "Crazy" which was the first single from her Dancing Without You EP. It was a fun year watching the EP come into life. I'm excited to hear what Melotika has in store for 2022. Her music videos on YouTube have always been real fun and creative.

6- Eletric Sol released a lot of fun singles and music videos in 2021 including "Why Do We Dance," "Gotta Know," and "Running In Place." I'm looking forward to more of their creations in the new year as 2021 has been an awesome and memorable time.

7- Micomatscenes' album "Back To School" from 2020 is the first album I picked up on Bandcamp. He has had a lot more awesome music and videos come out in 2021 including the "Hot Shots" album. His most recent tracks have a new sound and 2022 will be fun to see what he has coming out.

8- Jnny Cobra released his debut album "Disco Aggro Sessions" in February, and I instantly became a fan of his music. Later in the year he released a track with Dark Smoke Signal as well as another album called "Straight Ballin' The Left Hand Path." Check out his music as it is one of my favorites from 2021.

9- My Bandcamp review for Night Leather's debut album went something like "I didn't know what to expect with this album and it was a good thing." "You had me at hello." Night Leather combines multiple genres that stand out and they have a new album coming out in January 2022.

10- Thorisson had a day named after him in 2021. Thorisday quickly became a fun day for music premieres and videos. "In For The Win," "Neon Skies," "The Thorizone," were some other releases as well as his "Feelin' Jazzed" EP.

11- VH x RR have been releasing solid singles and remixes in 2021. "A Sky Full Of Ghosts" was the first I picked up and listened to the most. They also have "Heavenly Outline," "The Fray." "Shattered Bones," and others you can check on Bandcamp. It has been one awesome release after another!

12- Future Holotape released a new album "Cycles" in September of this year. One of their albums "Dreaming Of Connections" from 2019 was the first album I heard from them after their album art caught my eye.

13- Megan McDuffee has had a very busy year in which she released her debut album "Inner Demons" and also made music for Atari video games. Every week, on her social media, she has been making new announcements as well as posting top secret stuff that she has in the work. Also, she has had collaborations with other artists.

14- Electron Odyssey debuted his album "Your Future Awaits" this year and it has been an awesome mix of genres from the first to last track. This was another debut I didn't know what to expect but was thankful I picked up. I'll be listening for years to come.

15- Cat Temper came out with "Kitty Hate Machine" in June of 2021 and this was the first album I heard from him. The album art alone on his albums are eye catching and fun to