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Michael Anthony - Pop Art Ave Designer & Creator

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

I'll be posting a series called "Let's Get To Know"

An interview featuring 10 questions to help you get to know different musicians. Every now and then I will also add an article, music mix video and more.

About Me

My love for electronic music started in a New York City club in 1998. My friend was a DJ and told me about a club called Expo that was playing some of the best EDM and Hip Hop music at the time. I was a fan of hip hop but didn't know too much about electronic dance music. Walking into the club, seeing and feeling all of the excitement and energy flowing through the club, made me realize this was something I wanted to be a part of. I was addicted to the music, scene and culture. It wasn't just about the music but also about the experiences and friends I met throughout the many adventures of club hopping through NYC and Jersey clubs. ​ From the cool streets and clubs of NYC to the hot beaches in New Jersey, I experienced a great time seeing how electronic music evolved to what it is today. This is my way of giving back to the scene, the culture and for the love of electronic music. ​ Welcome to the neighborhood on Pop Art Avenue! I'm going to bring together some of the best musicians in electronic music with the power of the Internet while also paying homage to what television did for music and what FM radio did prior to that. ​ The Pop Art Ave website, designs and videos are a mix of my digital creations. ​ Thank you to everyone for helping me make this happen.

Don't forget to check out my Twitter, Instagram and YouTube postings. I love to create videos, gifs, cover art, music videos and designs in my TeePublic shop.