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Look Through (Official Music Video) - Firewoodisland & The Satellite Station

Bristol-based duo Firewoodisland and Ohio-based artist The Satellite Station have shared the surreal video for their latest indie-pop single, ‘Look Through’, released on the 8th of April via Firewoodisland and The Satellite Station.

The single was mastered by Grammy nominee Dan Millice (Al Green, Ben Reactor). Firewoodisland previously released a delicate cover of Alphaville’s‘Forever Young’ via Warner Music UK which was featured in an Airbnb advert and have had their music featured on shows such as Netflix's Shadowhunters and Global TV's NURSES amongst others.

The Satellite Station has also seen his share of features, with his music appearing on Apple+, Netflix’s Love Is Blind and MTV, contributing to his play count of over 9 million streams across platforms. The Satellite Station is part of Alex Rainbird Records and has been supported by AirwaveMusicTV and Aperion to name a few.

Born and based in Akron, Ohio USA, The Satellite Station is the moniker of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Travis Rue. Known for his haunting folk-inspired melodies and emotionally deep lyrics, Rue’s storytelling shares his perspective on life and the challenges and joys of being human.

What started as a solo project is now the joint creative project of artists, multi-instrumentalists and songwriters Stian Vedøy and Abi Eleri. Hailing from a windswept west coast island of Norway, Stian met Abi after moving to Cardiff. The unique pair handles all creative assets in house, from audio to visual and have christened their sound as ‘Mountain Pop’, with inspiration from the likes of Bon Iver, Oh Wonder, Thomas Dybdahl, RyX and Bear's Den while creating their music. Their own sound calls to mind a perfect blend of organic and digital elements and the emotional stylings of Bon Iver, Novo Amor, James Blake and Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

Firewoodisland and The Satellite Station provide a surreal fable in the video for their latest single. A story of entrapment, camaraderie and danger unfolds with light indie tones and poetic lyrics to pave the way for the unlikely hero. As all good stories go, an unexpected twist at the end keeps the viewer begging for more and eagerly waiting for the next instalment from the trio.

Speaking of the video, Firewoodisland tell us: “When Abi came up with the initial idea of this video, we didn't think we would be able to pull it off in time for release. Everything was filmed and edited between us three with a little help from friends and family. Our end, we mainly filmed in front of a black wall, with a few forest shots towards the end. Stian did all the editing, which took longer than expected due to the amount of mirror CGI. It's been a hectic, but fun and rewarding project to work together on over the internet.”

The Satellite Station elaborates further: Stian and Abi's enthusiasm and encouragement definitely pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and really jump into shooting the video. It felt overwhelming and impossible at times, but Stian and Abi were there to help me through every challenge. Writing, filming and editing a video of this scale would have been a challenge if we were doing it in person. The fact we were able to pull this off from opposite sides of the world is truly incredible. This also would not have been possible without some great friends and my wife who filmed every scene on our end, including going out into the forest in the extreme cold for hours to film the intro scenes. It was much colder than it looked.

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