Let's Talk Your Future Awaits by Electron Odyssey

1- What is the album Your Future Awaits about if you had to describe it in one sentence?

Your Future Awaits is a love letter, or an homage, to the various types of music I've loved listening to over the course of my life.

2- Where did the idea for this album come from? Was this music you always wanted to create?

I started experimenting with electronic music composition and production seven years ago, and really enjoyed the process. After honing my skills over time, I got pretty serious about committing to the production of an actual full-length album in 2019. The songs that ended up on the album came into existence through a lot of creative experimentation, trial and error, and musical exploration over the course of 2+ years. I didn't necessarily want to tell a literal story with the album. I was more interested in creating music that I really liked listening to - 80's progressive rock, synth-driven pop, and cinematic score music. Each song on the album feels pretty different (stylistically and emotionally), but my goal was to creatively unify all of the songs in a way that takes the listener on a musical journey of sorts.

3- Was there anything that influenced you while you were making this album? A movie, song or current event at the time?

I'm a life-long Rush fan. I've always loved their album Signals, and the lead track Subdivisions was a huge inspiration for the creation of my album. There's something in the emotion of that track that really pushed me forward to learn how to create music and complete my album. Also, when the pandemic hit in early 2020, I really dove into my music as a way to relieve stress, and to focus on something creative. It was a therapeutic distraction from unending bad news and societal chaos taking over the media, which I had no control over. My music was something I could control in full, which felt great and helped me to stay sane.

4- Do you each have a favorite track or a few that stick out the most while making them?

I kind of think of each song on my album as a child of mine. They are each unique, but I love them all equally! Dream With Your Eyes Open was the first song I worked on (when I was still trying to figure out how to compose), so that one has a bit of a special place in my heart.

5- Having worked a number of years in the video game industry, is there a skill, quality or experience from the industry that has helped shaped your music?

Yes, I'm coming up on 20 years in the games industry! Time flies. One important lesson I've learned throughout my game development studio career is how to get work done - how to finish difficult projects. Seems simple enough to finish something you've started, right? Not so much. I had no experience with music composition or production going into the making of my album, so I really had to hunker down, focus on the work, and be very disciplined to make it through to the end of the process. I treat my music-making like a professional job. I dedicate certain days/hours each week to it. A lot of times I don't feel like showing up, but I force myself to, and I always thank myself later for doing so when I make progress on my tracks (even if it's only a few bars of music a day). For me, making music is a process that takes a lot of time, patience, and dedication. My career in games has helped out a lot on that front.

6- Why did you choose an IROC Z on the cover art?

I always thought that car was badass as a kid. One of my neighbors down the street, who was a police officer, owned a gorgeously maintained mid-80s IROC-Z, which I loved. I associate that specific car with my childhood. My music has a sort of 70s/80s retro vibe to it, so I thought it would be appropriate to include it in the cover art in a sort of fun, surreal way (with the jet engines attached). I like how it feels weirdly out of place parked on that alien planet. Someone flew it there, and now who knows what adventure they're on?

7- Do you have plans for a new album? Any dates or timeframe for some new music?

Yes! I started up on a new 12-track LP shortly after I released Your Future Awaits back in August and I'm actively working on it now. I'm very excited about the direction the next album is taking, and I can't wait to share more of it with the world. I'll likely release a few singles from it leading up to the full release in the fall of 2022. It shares some DNA with my first album but also moves in interesting new directions.

Listen to the album below and check out Electron Odyssey's profile page right here on the website:

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