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Let's Talk Your Future Awaits by Electron Odyssey

1- What is the album Your Future Awaits about if you had to describe it in one sentence?

Your Future Awaits is a love letter, or an homage, to the various types of music I've loved listening to over the course of my life.

2- Where did the idea for this album come from? Was this music you always wanted to create?

I started experimenting with electronic music composition and production seven years ago, and really enjoyed the process. After honing my skills over time, I got pretty serious about committing to the production of an actual full-length album in 2019. The songs that ended up on the album came into existence through a lot of creative experimentation, trial and error, and musical exploration over the course of 2+ years. I didn't necessarily want to tell a literal story with the album. I was more interested in creating music that I really liked listening to - 80's progressive rock, synth-driven pop, and cinematic score music. Each song on the album feels pretty different (stylistically and emotionally), but my goal was to creatively unify all of the songs in a way that takes the listener on a musical journey of sorts.

3- Was there anything that influenced you while you were making this album? A movie, song or current event at the time?

I'm a life-long Rush fan. I've always loved their album Signals, and the lead track Subdivisions was a huge inspiration for the creation of my album. There's something in the emot