Let's Talk She's Got Claws Debut Album

Here is the interview with Micci of She's Got Claws. We talk about her debut album and her next live performance.

1- Can you describe your debut album in one sentence?

In one word, embryonic. In a sentence, the beginning of She’s Got Claws’ electronic journey.

2- Blind is the first track and one of my favorites. What kind of vibe were you going for with it?

I wanted to express a strong determination by using rhythms akin to Kraftwerk. The track needed a strong rhythm because the song is about how strongly I feel about feeling deserted by my mother.

3- Was there anything that influenced you while making this?

After coming from a previous band which was very punky, I wanted to make this more personal, more autobiographical. So, the influence comes from my own life experiences and what or who has shaped me to be the person I am today.

4- What was the creative process like when coming up with the songs?

This debut was the last album I put together using analogue gear, patch bays and hardware. It needed to be remastered to bring it in line with the other She’s Got Claws releases which are produced using digital software. The creative process for my debut was much more hands on with lots of cables and making everything happen manually.

It took a while for me to get used to using digital software, I kept away from it for a long time because I believed that it sterilised music, however I have come to realise that it depends on who is using it.

5- Do you have a favorite track or multiple favorites?

Blind is one of my favourites, along with Louder Than Bombs. These two songs are about my parents, so are very personal to me, but I hope there are listeners who can also relate to the lyrics too.

Forbidden was the last song I wrote and is also a favourite, it has a dreamy feel with a waltz timing, which is a departure from my signature sound, but with a She’s Got Claws approach.

6- After you released the album, what was the feeling like when it was out and available for everyone to experience?

A feeling of finally arriving as She’s Got Claws. It was such a joy to share my songs with everyone and to connect with many people through electronic based songs.

7- I love the 2021 version of Louder Than Bombs which is one of the bonus tracks on your CD. Where did you come up with the idea for this remixed version?

Thank you, I appreciate your feedback and so happy you love this bonus track. The original lyrics to LTB is a story about my childhood and my relationship with my father.

Originally, I wrote the words as a third party looking in and seeing this experience happening.

With the bonus track, I have changed a few words, so I am singing about my

experiences. I replaced the word ‘she’ with I. Also, I wanted to slow it down and strip it back to express the sadness I feel and the emotional turmoil I felt as a child.

8- Do you have anything coming out in the near future?

Yes, a remix album called 9 Lives is due to be out by Easter time. The first part of this album will be available on Bandcamp in February, with the second part by Easter. There will be 9 tracks remixed and chosen from across my many releases, including War Torn, Synthetic Emotion EP, Doppelgänger and my Debut album. There will be something for everyone.

Rehearsals will begin in January for a live online performance. Tickets will go on sale at the end of January. Details will be on my website - shesgotclaws.co.uk when the date is finalised.

She’s Got Claws has never performed live so this is an exclusive performance.

On Bandcamp:

Pop Art Ave Mash Up Video:

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