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Let's Talk Organ Grinder by Electronic Ghost Machine

What is Organ Grinder about in one sentence?

It’s about exploring sounds and rhythm and the ability for music to create a feeling or energy - other than that it’s not a themed album or anything. How did you come up with the albums name?

The art came first and I was thinking 'what title might connect in a cool way to the image?' The idea of an organ grinder playing his organ with a monkey as part of his street act seemed cool. It connected with the monkey image of the cover and the idea of a one man musical performance. What was your inspiration in making this?

It’s a tough question because while I don’t necessarily think about what's inspiring me at the time there are always ideas that are inspired by things you hear or want to explore, for example Space Bigfoot was inspired by the original movie the Thing. When the monster is first revealed it looks a bit like a bigfoot from outer space and I thought 'that’s a cool (or funny) idea for a song'. So that’s kind of exactly what you’re asking about, just taking that idea and imagining a track that might pay that idea off.

Poltergeist Jazz was inspired by the idea of using some jazz elements like horns or a loop of a jazz beat and trying to make it sound like a totally different kind of electronic music. I always loved the dissonant jazz incidental music from the old Spiderman cartoon. I wanted to get some of that vibe in there. Mostly I just love exploring musical ideas and experimenting to see what ends up being cool. Did you binge watch any tv shows or movies while making it?