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Let's Talk About Furbidden Planet by Cat Temper

1- How did you come up with the new album's name?

Like almost all of my album titles it popped into my head in the middle of the night. I get lots of bad ideas this way too but I knew right away this one was a winner.

2- What was your inspiration in making this album?

I've always been a fan of different eras of "space music." Bachelor pad exotica of the 1950s and 60s with its soaring orchestration and spooky theremins. The roller boogie bounce of the 1970s space disco trend. (By the way MECO's "Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk" has one of my all time favorite album covers!) And the more dark and dystopian feel of the current spacesynth movement. My goal was to create a concept album that explored all of those sounds along its course.

3- Did you binge watch any tv shows or movies while making it?

I was a little obsessed with the 1980 Flash Gordon movie and its epic Queen soundtrack when the idea for the album came to me. I didn't binge anything while writing it but did make a mix of my favorite sci-fi and space show themes to inspire me. Old school Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Farscape, The X-Files, etc.

4- Did anything unique and memorable happen while making this album?

Soon after I started work on "Furbidden Planet" an unexplainable repeating radio signal was discovered 500 million light-years away. MIT released a statement saying it's probably not aliens, which of course led plenty of people to think that it absolutely is aliens. I love when these sorts of events reignite public interest in space exploration and also lead to wild theories that get the imagination rolling. It inspired the story in my mind as I developed the arc of the album and song titles like "A Meowsage From Space."

5- You mentioned on social media that someone from your personal life was surprised you get reviews and interviews because of their view of your music. What planet are they from?

Ha! Let's just say it's a gift to have those friends who help to keep your ego in check. Sometimes you'd like to exchange that gift, but it's probably healthier than surrounding yourself with yes-men.

6- Do you have a favorite track or one with any funny experiences related to it?

It's hard to pick favorites and it's always changing, but I'll mention "Impawsible Artifacts" which is a mini journey in itself. Speaking of TV shows I was really digging the Knight Rider theme at the time which I wrote a little article about over at The Paradise Arcade ( I paid tribute to it a bit in the sounds and progressions of this song.

I have to give special shout-outs to one of my favorite artists Quinnzel Kills for bringing my vision to life in the otherworldly wrap-around record sleeve, mastering engineer Von Hertzog for giving the audio sparkle and punch, and Lazersteel Records for believing in the album and helping sell all the vinyl in about 48 hours!


Michael Anthony: Furbidden Planet was released in October 29, 2021 and the vinyl sold out within 48 hours. This all unfolded before my eyes as I read everyone's excitement for it on Twitter and Instagram.

I just started listening to Cat Temper within the past year and really started when I picked up his previous album called "Kitty Hate Machine" which was released in May 2021.