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Let's Talk About Cyberjank by Warpsektor

1- What is Cyberjank if you had to describe it in one sentence?

It is the crossroad where Meme and Machine meet to form a musical Onslaught of Madness.

2- Where did the idea for this album come from? Was this music you both have always wanted to create?

It started off as a joke. We have a habit of not taking anything too seriously. So when Dr. Sektor said to Mr. D, "Hey let's make Cyber Cthulhu!", Mr. D said, "Why, God, Why?!?" and then we did it anyway. We both have always wanted to make music. We didn't necessarily set out to create Cyberjank. Cyberjank isn't something you seek, it just finds you...

3- Was there anything that influenced you guys while you were making this album? A movie, song or current event at the time?

During the year that it took to create Cyberjank Dr. Sektor repeatedly subjected Mr. D to Jonathan Young's cover of the Powerline (A Goofy Movie) song "Eye to Eye" on repeat, until he completely lost it, thus breaking the bonds of sanity and allowing for the creation of Cyberjank.

4- Do you each have a favorite track on the album or multiple favorites? What are they?