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Let's Get To Know Midnight Fury

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

1- Where did you grow up? ​ Born and raised in Jacksonville Florida

2- What is one of the first songs you remember liking as a kid? ​ There are so many that I can think of that can warp me right back to a special moment in time. Here are a few: Tangerine Dream - Love on a real Train, Cybotron - Clear, Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force - Planet Rock, Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Earth, Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance with Somebody 3- What influenced you to get into music? I have always loved music as long as I can remember. But there is something about the interlocking rhythmic sounds that can change your mood instantly. Its powerful, and it is mesmerizing to me and how sounds can touch your soul. Classic MTV was also addicting when I was a kid. lol 4- At what age did you start playing/singing? I was around 17yrs old. 5- If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to yourself after finishing school? Don't let anyone stop you from doing what you love to do! 6- What are some of your favorite songs at the moment? I listen to so much it's hard to pick specific songs. But at this very moment in time, these are on my list of favorites.

Sabastian Gample - Under Control, Brandon - Sundown, CJ Burnett - Twilight Dreamer 7- Do you listen to your own music? Each track about 700 times right up until its released. Then not so much. 8- Which musician would you like to collaborate with next? I'm open to collab with just about anyone within the synthwave universe. 9- What is one of your favorite memories so far in your music career? The first time I found one of my songs on a large playlist. Then the first time I was played on a synthwave radio station. I was on cloud 9! 10- What advice would you give to someone that is just starting to get into music? Just keep going and never lose focus on why you're making music.

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