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Let's Get To Know Manhattan

1- Where did you grow up?

Cambridge, in the UK. A fun, loving but unremarkable childhood - a house and life full of music, but not musical if you see what I mean? We listened to music all the time, but no-one in the house every played any instruments or anything like that. Lived there for 28(ish) years before relocating to Portsmouth in the UK, which is where my music creation / production really kicked off.

2- What is one of the first songs you remember liking as a kid?

I remember listening to Jeff Wayne's "War of the Worlds" on vinyl a lot. And a lot of Mowtown and Northern Soul. And the soundtrack to the original production of Phantom of the Opera (Michael Crawford and all) that my dad, to this very day, still absolutely loves. One group that stood out to me from the time though were the Pet Shop Boys. "West End Girls" is still one of my favourite songs, ever.

3- What influenced you to get into music?

I think I just enjoyed listening to music so much, it was a natural next step. I had an urge to create but was never sure what. Tried lots and music just stuck and I found out I wasn't too bad at it. Plus, I spent a lot of my late teens / early 20's high as hell, so I could spend hours and hours just messing around.