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Let's Get To Know Lucy Dreams

Lucy Dreams is a dreampop trio hailing from the cultural metropolis Vienna and consists of David Reiterer and Philipp Prückl.

Wait, trio? That is correct, because the essence of this band arises from a crystal ball that is seemingly enthroned above all their output - the artificial bandmember Lucy. Recently, they have signed with Aztec Records. Here is an interview with David.

Where did you grow up?

On the Austrian countryside, in an area where the mountains meet the lowlands. We were lucky to have a skatepark and a radio station in our small town, giving us the opportunity to develop identities with strong ties to youth culture, especially music.

What is one of the first songs you remember liking as a kid?

Deftones’ "Change" was a revelation. When I first heard this song, it opened a whole new world to me. They have been one of my favorite bands ever since.

What influenced you to get into music?