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Let's Get To Know Kal-Elle Jagger

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

1- Where did you grow up?

No one can tell by my soft exterior (self-deprecating joke) that I was born and bred in what Shakespeare once coined as "Da Boogie Down Bronx". Don't quote me on that. I mean do but don't. 2- What is one of the first songs you remember liking as a kid?

Wow. Impossible to answer. It's been a millennia since I was a child. My brain is foggy. I have faint auditor recollections of "If You Leave Me Now" by Chicago and "Have You Never been Mellow" by Olivia Newton-John. 3- What influenced you to get into music? Wow 2.0! Aside from Olivia in her skin tight Grease outfit, of course. It was The New Romantic movement that came out of the United Kingdom and what it evolved into in the 80s with Spandau Ballet and Culture Club to name a few. 4- At what age did you start playing/singing? I sang my first song, accompanied by a relative on the piano at age 10. I had my own 9-piece band performing at CBGBs by 17. 5- If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to yourself after finishing school?

Are you assuming I was able to finish school? I might need to remind you I grew up in The Bronx. My last school was ridden with asbestos and bullying. Good Times :)

But if I could go back in time for one day I wouldn't give too much away. I would smile and say "Brace yourself, Baby. It's going to be an adventure you can't even envision right now. Hang in there. It gets better" 6- What are some of your favorite songs at the moment? I'm only now starting my first Spotify Playlist called "Synthwave Synthfam Mixtape Vol. 1" A cornucopia of past and present delicacies. I'm digging Droid Bishop's "Weight of the World" and gung-ho about System Glitch's "Stars Shine Bright" 7- Do you listen to your own music? There is a tragic story behind that question which I can't get into right now, but I will say yes, I listen to whatever recorded music of mine has survived. 8- Which musician would you like to collaborate with next? Wow 3.0! Starcadian, The New Division, Ollie Wride, The Midnight. Maybe do a sexy synthy song in Spanish ;)

I'll be in London in December (for Ollie Wride) and would love to meet some new producer-collaborators. 9- What is one of your favorite memories so far in your music career? When I was a kid. It was New Year's Eve and a shuttle van picked us up (my former manager/songwriter Ramona Jan and I) in Manhattan and took us to an undisclosed location. Eventually, maybe an hour away, we arrived at a big house in New Jersey. They encouraged me to go ahead first and knock on the door. A man opened and shot a big grin while welcoming me in with a shake. Bruce Springsteen. 10- What advice would you give to someone that is just starting to get into music?

Ooooh this one will make me cry. It's never too late. I started out in the era that inspired our genre today but I was too young, green and unable to fulfil the journey then. Now I have come full circle. Basically, my advice would be..."It's never too late to embrace your Neon Glow"

Kal-Elle just released 2 hits called "Wild Horses." Each track sounds great and features Syst3m Glitch and Droid Bishop with their own version. Check out more by clicking below: