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Lacrimorta - New Album Out Now

New album out now by

Nikoletta Winters🕷 Countess of Gothwave🕷 (@Lacrimorta) / Twitter

All I can say is that this new release by Lacrimorta is just pure awesomeness!

7 tracks combining a sound of electronic metal with great vocals. Listen on Bandcamp below:

From Lacrimorta's Bandcamp page:

One cold winter evening last December the word "Lacrimorta" was whispered into my ear by the goddess Nyx whilst walking aimlessly under the cover of her black wings.

In the works for nearly two years, "Lacrimorta" continues where "PAINSYNC" stylistically left off and pushes those ideas further. Highly influenced by the collective works of Malice Mizer, "Lacrimorta" is a love letter to Japanese Visual Kei through a Western lens.

"Lacrimorta" is the closest I have ever gotten to realizing my foolish young gothstar dreams.