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Kidburn - Love in Times of Death (Deluxe Version)

‘Love in times of Death’

Deluxe Version (Album)

Aztec Records

Release date:

5th August 2022

After the worldwide success of LOVE IN TIMES OF DEATH, a Deluxe Version of the Album is finally out. The Deluxe Version will contain the Instrumental versions of the songs and Extended and Alternative Mixes ready to inject new magic in the preview version of the Album.

KIDBURN (AKA Alberto Mulas), after seven years of hard work and music experiments has established himself as one of the best producer in the “ Vocal Synthwave” delivering many hits like Need your loving tonight”, “Tin Soldiers”, “This Could be Love and working with many successful artists of the Synthwave scene like Kalax.

LOVE IN TIMES OF DEATH talked about the challenges of a world that’s chained in a Death trap (the Pandemic Emergency, the wars and the Geopolitic disasters) but it’s still willing to survive through the power of love. As its previous version this Album will renew a message of hope and rock you with its romanticism and energy.