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Halloween Music Video 2021

Welcome to my first Halloween mash up music video!

This will be a roller coaster of fun, fright and delight.

A BIG THANK YOU to NightRazor, Electronic Ghost Machine, Jnny Cobra, Future Holotape, Vvmpyre and Null-O Band for letting me use their music for this video.

Here are the songs in order to hearing on the video.

1- NightRazor "My Demons Wear Labcoats"

2- Jnny Cobra "A Virgin's Severed Head Two Fries And A Coke"

3- Electronic Ghost Machine "Halloween 1978"

4- Null-O Band & Retrograth “Sonic Ghosts"

5- Vvmpyrie & NightRazor "Bodies Without Blood"

6- Future Holotape "Somebody's Watching Me Remix"