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Fiery Pop Singer Sabrina Monique SHARES Compelling ‘My Drink’ Single

Fiery pop singer Sabrina Monique has released her latest single ‘My Drink’ on the 8th of July via United World Records. This release follows after the singer shared the official music video for her single ‘Sideshow’, which was mastered by Randy Merill (Katy Perry, Muse and Lorde) and also follows the release of More Than A Friend’ which was accompanied by an in-studio video. The New York born and based singer was a contestant of American Idol 2020 and has received support from National publications.

While creating her own irresistible sound, the singer finds inspiration in the legendary works of Amy Winehouse, Dua Lipa, Joss Stone, Bebe Rexa, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, Billie Eilish and Jojo. Sabrina Monique’s sound carries the same dynamic energy as Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande and Bebe Rexa.

Standing tall as she breaks away from the shackles of a love that was not meant to be, Sabrina Monique is an angelic vision in her lilac gown and draws the viewer in with her sincere performance throughout the entirety of the video. Stunning vintage effects and filters add a cinematic flair to this emotionally charged work.

‘My Drink’ talks about leaving the past behind and moving on, whether that be the people you currently surround yourself with or just removing yourself from a situation that conflicts with what you believe in. A charming and fiery beat compliments Sabrina Monique’s undeniably infectious attitude that doesn’t hold back.

Sabrina Monique elaborates on the song: "Although the song is called ‘My Drink’ it encapsulates a far deeper meaning to me than a fun night out. Up until now I have shown the world that music is my outlet to express hardship & heartache along with past traumatic experiences and how they’ve impacted me. This song is about letting go of ALL of that, reclaiming your power, and not caring about what other people think while doing so. This song is a natural progression in my artistry & I think my listeners will enjoy hearing/seeing the shift in my music as well as myself."