'Experiencer' by Lucy Dreams - Euphoric Dreampop

Releases on Friday March 25, 2022.

Once there was a time in which you had one world to live in, the real one. And in this world, you had one identity. Those with multiple minds were often called crazy and deemed lunatics. Nowadays, many have multiple identities, the real as well as virtual ones. Does this mean that we have all gone insane? Or are we just about to leap into new dimensions created in the virtual world?

Vienna based sci-fi pop trio Lucy Dreams want to provide a soundtrack for experiences on the intersection of these two worlds, for thoughts and feelings made in new and unknown territory. With ‘Experiencer’, David Reiterer, Philipp Prückl and the artificial band member Lucy explore this intersection of analog and digital spheres by presenting what they created right there, at the imaginary portal between reality and virtuality, in the space where they manage to communicate with each other – a song created by man in collaboration with a machine.

Based on ideas provided by their digital companion, the two musicians of human lineage wrote this song using an instrument that is rather unusual in regard to their catalog, the acoustic guitar, representing the analog side of reality, tangible, obvious and familiar. Before revealing too much analog and real, the song hits the brakes and jumps into a completely different vehicle, heading straight into the digital world, characterized in the chorus by ethereal synths, glimmering vocals, and a feeling of digital infinity. In the course of the song, those two worlds are in dialogue with each other and find a way to meet in the end. In the third and final part of ‘Experiencer’ the two worlds merge, making it a sonic representation of a space in which both real and virtual components of our identities can co-exist. Meanwhile, the two worlds depend on each other and can be heard exchanging thoughts in the chorus: ‘You gotta be someone I see. So you can hear, and I can breathe.’

So, have we all gone crazy? Or are we about to extend our minds to new and unknown capacities? Optimistic predictions already tell tales about the perks of man-machine interactions and glorify the blend of two or more identities. We shall find out rather soon – in the meantime let us keep the already known parts of our minds busy using them in the best way possible to make whatever comes a pleasant experience.

‘Experiencer’ is the 3rd single from the band’s debut album Götterfunken, coming later May.

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Lucy Dreams | Euphoric dreampop

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