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Episode 5 #theBOTS The Beat On The Street Music Video Series

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Watch some of the best music videos in the many genres of electronic music from synthwave to electro pop, retrowave, cyberpunk, dark synth and much more.

Episode 5 of the Beat On The Street features a weekly artist interview.

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Time stamps:

Intro 0.00-0.49

Strange Eyes Music video close 0.50 - 4.27

Dream Droid - Death drive music video 4.45- 9.20

Aztec records release announcement 9.21- 11.20

Connor & Dark Smoke Signal 11.31 -16.25

Big Empty Zero: 16.46- 19.50

RetroReverbRecords release announcement 19.51- 20.29

Russ Lovelace 21.18- 22.12

The Keplerians 22.25- 27.06

Nakatomi Freefall: 27.13-54.42

Rodney Cromwell 55.58- 59 15

Your Friend Esteves - 59.16- 102.58

Darlin! The Band-103.03- 106 .36


The Beat On The Street

This episode features music, videos and cameos from:

Strange Eyes:

Dream Droid:


Russ Lovelace: