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Until Liar's Fear You by Duncan Evans & Wilderness Hymnal Review by Ghostech

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

It happened along with Duncan Evans and Wilderness Hymnal with their new album Until Liars Fear You. Discovering their music has been utterly invigorating.

The power of Evan's vocals, coupled with the lush soundscapes and beautiful musical arrangements on Until Liars Fear You, makes this album a very moving gem of an album.

The cover art is beautiful with gold, black, and white colors. The image is powerful and haunting with a mystical and shadowy figure illuminated by a glowing full moon at their back. The album sounds just as mystical and beautiful as this cover.

I'm torn on what to applaud most, the intricate arrangement of the guitars, strings, keys, effects and sound design or Duncan Evans' beautiful soaring vocals and their power and how he mesmerizingly carries the poetic lyrics. The heart of a storyteller and singer songwriter can be found in these songs. The entire album is a real journey of epic proportions.

Track by track it evokes moments of serene communion with nature, self-discovery, high moments of empowerment and morose songs of sorrow. This album is full gambit in feelings and goes from a warm lull to an almost nightmare or flashback experience. Toward the middle of the album the tone changes to a more avant-garde and progressive feel with

its unconventional electronic aspects and sound design. The shift in direction is apparent, but it still maintains the story. I appreciate the caliber of musicianship and technical vocal ability that is displayed.

This album has proven to be one of the most cerebral listens I've done this year, if not maybe in a long time. If you're a fan of King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Ulver, Emma Ruth Rundle, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and other more progressive artists, this will be a very fulfilling listen for you.

My favorite track is 'I Buried My Teeth' because it's just gorgeous. A very close second favorite comes to be 'The Hunter'. I believe it's the sound design and arrangement that draws me in, but Evan's dynamic and heartfelt vocals ultimately lead the songs.

You can find this album and more of his music on your favorite streaming service or

give a visit to Trepanation Recordings' Bandcamp to pick up a copy and support directly. Also definitely give a listen around their Bandcamp page for the other artists on the label because they're pretty great.

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