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Dublin alt-rock songstress AVA VOX weaves a chilling tale on 'Silent Tear' single

Alt-rock songstress AVA VOX weaves a chilling tale in new single 'Silent Tear' from debut 'Immortalised' LP


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Crash, Silent Tear, Alone Again, Life on Mars, Lovesong

Photos by Laelia Milleri (with costumery by fashion designer Claire Garvey)

Dublin alt-rock / post punk artist Ava Vox presents the single 'Silent Tear', the latest dark rich offering from debut album 'Immortalised', an 8-track collection that is dark and delicious, gothic-infused and evocative of shady places and shadowed lands.

Launched in 2020, Ava Vox is the solo moniker of Elaine Hannon, formerly of 1980s gothic rock / post-punk band The Seventh Veil. A Dublin native, she now lives in County Meath. With a unique vocal timbre and commanding delivery, her musical style ranges from goth rock and post-punk to slow melodic atmospheric and dynamic rock.

The 'Silent Tear' video was produced by Jess Bernard with Miles Davis Murphy as director of photography and starring Leigh Mayon / Them Fatale. It was directed by Irish underground visionary Caoimhe Lavelle (a.k.a. Kwoo), a well-known Dublin-based artist, DJ, poet, cartoonist, and manager of the GAZE International LGBTQ+ Film Festival.

"Caoimhe put her own interpretation on Silent Tear, noting that she is absolutely in love with the song and felt it warranted something unique and artistic. I'm eternally grateful to Caoimhe and everyone involved in the production - they all came together and offered their time and artistic talents because they were really into this song and just wanted to support me," says Ava Vox.

Ava Vox earlier released the post-punk banger 'Crash' with Isaac Burke-produced video echoing an ominous warning about environmental devastation as the world crashes down, and 'Alone Again', which features bassist James Blennerhassett (Elvis Costello, The Rolling Stones, Marianne Faithful, Van Morrison) and drummer Robbie Casserly (Elvis Costello, Mark Knopfler, The Commitments, Riverdance).

Apart from unique rendition of The Cure's 'Love Song', Soft Cell's