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Destroying Robots by SAWLO - PurZynth Rekords

If you like cyberpunk music as much as I do, then you will really enjoy this new release by SAWLO from PurZynth Rekords.

From their Bandcamp page:

Destroying Robots is a Sci-Fi distopian cinematic production by SAWLO, Cyberpunk side project by electronic producer, sound designer, dubbing/voice actor Sinuhe Navarrete.

Telling a story in 9 chapters from a future world ruled by robots and the one who rose to fight them. 9 tracks EP. 1. The Beginning Of The End (Interlude 1) 2. Psyborg 3. Back to the Bass (Interlude 2) 4. Complete This Mission 5. Prepare to Fight (Interlude 3) 6. Destroying Robots 7. Reload Your System 8. The End Is Near (Interlude 4) 9. Into The Night Look for the FULL MIX 1 Track Non-Stop 25 min version also available. Connect with SAWLO All our Socials, Releases and Playlists here: Welcome to🔵PurZynth Rekords. Zynth Music from the World. Synth music promoters since 2001.


released August 26, 2022 Written and Produced by SAWLO.

Listen on Bandcamp below:

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