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Debut LP by Bristol electro-hop duo REE-VO

Bristol electro-hop duo REE-VO releases debut album ‘All Welcome On Planet Ree-Vo' & reveals 'Spacebox' video. Bonus 10" vinyl features The Bug, Object Object, NØISE & Dälek


Young Fathers, Massive Attack, The Bug and Flowdan, Surgeon, Nas, Kojey Radical, Rob Smith, Big Cat Burns, Tricky, Mantronix

July 29 was release day for Bristol duo REE-VO and their debut album ‘All Welcome On Planet Ree-Vo' is not all there is on offer - the experimental wizards, with their clever mix of hip-hop, electro, dancehall and dub, also present their fun, adrenaline-filled and very danceable 'Spacebox' video, along with the Bonus 10" vinyl that comes as a bonus to the album, featuring contributions by THE BUG, DÄLEK, OBJECT OBJECT & NØISE (involving JOE CASSIDY and SHEPARD FAIREY),

As a new project, Ree-Vo is far from a household name, but the history of members T. RELLY and ANDY SPACELAND weave through collaborations with music royalty such as ELIZABETH FRASER, A.R.KANE, MASSIVE ATTACK, MADONNA, SMITH AND MIGHTY, HORACE ANDY, SURGEON, MARK STEWART (The Pop Group) and ADRIAN SHERWOOD, in addition to being part of 5 BILLION IN DIAMONDS with BUTCH VIG (Garbage, Nirvana). Recorded at Christchurch Studios, home to 'Mezzanine'-era MASSIVE ATTACK, this album resonates the best Bristol vibes. About the focus track, Andy Spaceland notes: “Lift off, blast off, shirt off, dance off! Naked in the dancehall SPACE BOX!” is the beamed mantra, Relly transmitting to all occupants of the galaxy. We wanted to make a hedonistic and colourful dancehall track, a bold response to the suppressive circumstances of the last two years.