Cybertherial 2 by Jonny Fallout OUT NOW - Video & More

“Cybertherial II” is journey of light

into darkness and back again: Of

struggles, pain, hope, and love. Of

relationships found and lost. Of

people together and separated. Of

searching and longing in a world

mitigated by zeros and ones, but

grounded in flesh and bone.

Jonny Fallout’s second album,

the companion to his debut

“Cybertherial”, brings the listener

on an emotional adventure that

sums up the excitement,

frustration, tension, and terror of change. Of not knowing where to go and yet venturing out anyway.

Jonny Fallout weaves together synthwave with EDM to create an exciting mix of danceable pop music. He draws on diverse sonic territory and inspiration — from '80s synth pop to progressive house — to produce hypnotic, hook-laden songs. The tracks on “Cybetherial II” will catch your ear in strange and beautiful ways, with an alluring mix of dreamy vocals, driving dance beats, and

atmospheric textures.


Written, produced, and mixed by Jonny Fallout

Mastered by Jacket. Released by Retro Reverb Records

Jonny Fallout’s complex and layered retrowave music has been widely featured on

independent radio. He joined label Retro Reverb Records in March, 2022. A life-long

creator and fan of music in many forms, Fallout is a classically trained pianist, with a

background in jazz performance and audio engineering. He has performed live at

venues across the Northeast US and internationally, both as a solo pianist and with a

variety of rock and electronic acts.


As part of synthwave collective Polyphonic Underground in 2021, Fallout received a

Synthwave Award from Forever Synth for Best Interview. Fallout was also a nominee

for Best Indie Pop Act of the Year for Radio WIGWAM's Online Radio Awards (2021).


For Jonny Fallout, 2021 was a banner year for releases, with two singles, an EP, and

his debut album. Fallout released the cyberpunk soundtrack “Escape from Ultra

City” EP in May. The EP was mastered by Finnish synthwave artist Millennium Falck

and was built around a sci-fi short story that Fallout authored — a bonus download

for the Bandcamp release. That same month, Fallout, as a founding member of the

synthwave collective Polyphonic Underground, released a track as a part of the vinyl

LP, “Terrible Investments”. The LP was mastered by Dynatron with art by L’Avenue.

Fallout also released tracks on several other compilations of electronic music,

including “The Beautiful Eyes Dream Suite” from Kawsaki Audio Space, and “Time

Lapse” and “Protozoa” from Triplicate Records.

Jonny Fallout released his debut album “Cybertherial” in November 2021. Mastered

by XENNON at XENNON Studios, "Cybertherial" is a cyberpunk romance—nine songs

about longing, loving, losing yourself and finding your way in a confusing and

chaotic futuristic world mediated by zeros and ones. When you're immersed in the

dark, unsure of what's true and what isn't, how can love survive?

“Cybertherial” was re-released by Retro Reverb Records in April, 2022, with a bonus

track, a remix “Phantom Heart (Night Waves)”. Jonny Fallout’s second full length

album, “Cybertherial II” is slated for release in June, 2022.


“It's a hauntingly beautiful album that's filled with beautiful vocals and melodies.

The production is lush and evocative with a mix of traditional and unique sounds

and instruments.” —Dennis G., DJ and Host of The State of Synth on

“This is a phenomenal debut album! ... One of my favorite albums of 2021.”

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