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Cyberpunk Outrun Synth Music Mix Video

Here is a music mix video that I made with some awesome musicians in electronic music. This is a cyberpunk / outun / synth tribute.

Musicians include:

Future Holotape - Always Running

Warpsektor - Chasing Eons

Night Razor - godslammer

Eva X - Machine

Dimi Kaye - The Fool

Neaon - Ultraviolet

ELxAr - Synthetic Dreams

Robo Ash - Ophanim

Jonny Fallout - Hypnotized

Ophanim from the PurZynth Rekords compilation Future 2.0 album. All of the still/motion video was made by Michael Anthony. All other video was found on which is a great website for photos and videos. Thank you to the many contributors on there. Edited and mixed by Michael Anthony.