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Circuit Board Love by She's Got Claws - New Album - Synth Pop

Circuit Board Love - She's Got Claws - 16 Tracks Of Pure Synth Heaven!

Circuit Board Love, formerly known as Euro Electronica 1. This album was signed to Electronic Music Library in 2016 (EML) by Chris Payne, who is well known for being the keyboard player and violinist for Gary Numan in the 1980s. She's Got Claws was asked by Chris to write this album, with new versions and new tracks, so he could put them forward for TV, films and multimedia. Chris kindly released these tracks from her contract with EML. She can now make them all available to you.

Spread Your Wings was written purely for Euro Electronica 1 album in 2016. Like many on this album, this hasn't been heard or available for release publicly. All 16 tracks are now on Circuit Board Love album, with new artwork and all the original recordings, which were mastered in 2016.

Release date: 4th February 2022 on Bandcamp.

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